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    The year is


    Brands haven't thought about their look in the future.
    Maybe they have, but not how we did.


    The year is 2322. Humanity is thriving on newly settled worlds.
    What brands still exist? What products will we see? This is a look at brands in the future.

    Future Hype Tropsili
    Tropsili VI

    The planet Tropsili VI is located about 66 light-years from Earth and orbits its star every 249 days. Temperatures on the planet are relatively cool, except for the upper and lower two-thirds of the planet’s hemispheres, which are covered in thick ice and cannot sustain even the strongest of extremophiles. Habitability on the planet is thus closer to the equator, where terraforming engineers have lived for the last 25 years. The terraforming completion rate on Tropsili VI is currently at 18%. They still have a long way to go. These are the products that help them along the way.