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    Media and movies are constantly reminding us that Earth's condition is not well. Yet we lack a positive outlook for a future Earth. We made Leap, a digital mag, to explore this notion.


    Technology affords us countless options for making richer experiences. We created this digital publication for tablets that utilizes alternative navigation techniques. Our goal is to make an immersive experience that is beautiful and exploratory.

    Leap Tablet Features
    Leap Tablet


    Leap explores the use of interface elements for visceral, behavioral, and reflective affect. We created a minimal and unique design that is different from existing models of space navigation on the web. The animations in the UI prime user expectations, give clues to possible interactions, and establish cognitive models for ease of use. The experience is new, interactive, and memorable.

    The Narrative

    The idea that Earth may be coming to an end has never been more talked about. LEAP is the digital narrative that envisions a future beyond Earth. By means of preparation for a new Earth, it promotes a lifestyle conducive to preserving our current Earth.


    The world as we know it will not last forever. Our planet, finite in its existence, drifts openly in an immense and unpredictable space. It is where humanity looked up at the sky and imagined that only a place like heaven could grant us entry into what exists beyond the Earth. But we have proven to ourselves before that we are already great. Our species is constantly changing and evolving, progressing and innovating. Despite all of our shortcomings and differences, greatness has never left us. That is why we look up. It is out there where humanity writes its history and paves new roads to the stars, the next phase in the evolution of our species. It is time we venture back out, to make the great leap into the vast expanse of the universe, to spread ourselves and all of our knowledge and understanding, among the stars.


    Each chapter has a unique storyline that uses a smart tablet's capabilities to enhance each experience. Hyperlinked text, augmented visuals, and haptic interactions within a 3D sandbox are all used to immerse readers into the digital medium.

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    Team Tracking/Training
    The Role

    I worked with Rob and Richard to craft a unique magazine experience. We designed UI elements and experience interactions to inform the art direction. Afterward, I created UI animations practicing various behavioral design principles. Finally, I worked with the team to render visuals that would best represent the art direction and copy.






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